Olympus EP-3 caught in wild

Images of the fast-incoming Olympus EP-3 interchangeable lens camera have leaked, ahead of what's expected to be a June 30 launch of the new model. PhotoRumors snagged the shots and some apparent specifications, with the EP-3 supposedly having a new 12-megapixel sensor which Olympus has developed in-house, and which supports up to ISO 12800.

There's also support for 1080i 60fps video recording, and a new autofocus system that's faster than what we've seen on previous PEN range cameras. A pop-up flash is visible in the top section, while on the back is a touchscreen LCD display which apparently packs over 600k dots.

Olympus has reworked its interface, with a rethink on buttons and menus, and there's an additional pre-set filter too. We can spy a useful little thumb-scroll wheel on the rear of the EP-3 in the upper right, as well as what looks to be a scroll ring further down for navigating through menus.

Talk of the new Olympus camera has been rumbling for the past few months, with the new model being referred to as the "PEN Pro." However, rumors also suggested that there would be an integrated electronic viewfinder (EVF) whereas from these images it seems Olympus has instead provided a port to hook up an external EVF.

The EP-3 is expected to launch alongside the E-PM1 and a new E-PL3 model.