Oculus VR headsets earnings shock as Hand Tracking released post-Beta

A "one year anniversary" announcement was made this morning by Oculus for the headsets Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S. In their excitement for a full year of sales and functionality, Oculus representatives noted that "people have spent more than $100M on Quest content." They also noted that more than 20 titles on the platform have "surpassed the $1M revenue mark on Quest alone," and that 10 of these have now surpassed $2M in revenue over the past year.

Games that've been so shockingly popular on Oculus Quest include Moss and Pistol Whip – two that've surpassed $2M in revenue – and SUPERHOT VR. That game, SUPERHOT, is a unique experience both in and out of virtual reality. The user moves in slow motion, affecting the way the universe unfolds, not unlike Quicksilver in X-Men movies, or The Flash in the DC universe.

SUPERHOT VR, the game, has "gone Double Platinum" as it were, selling over 2 million copies (of the full game) on all VR platforms. That doesn't count the number of copies the game's sold outside of VR – it's done well!

Hand tracking update

Hand tracking has always been a goal for virtual reality headset creators. What better way to immerse the user in a complete virtual experience than to allow their body to be the tool with which they interact with said reality? Last year, Oculus released an experimental hand tracking feature on Oculus Quest. That system will be expanding beyond its original bounds in the year 2020.

Hand tracking with Oculus Quest will be moved out of the system's "Experimental Features" section and on into the general release section of the VR headset's software. Developers will be able to submit their third-party titles that include hand tracking to the Oculus Store starting on May 28.

Several titles already roll with the Hand Tracking feature in Oculus Quest, and more are on the way this month. Titles like "Waltz of the Wizard" and Elixer will be released with hand tracking, as will "The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets." Two more "Cinematic Narratives Set" titles are coming in the form of titles "Gloomy Eyes" (with the voice of Colin Farrell) and "The Line." Both will launch on May 28.