See all 8 new major Oculus games shown at OC5 2018

Chris Burns - Sep 26, 2018, 2:00pm CDT
See all 8 new major Oculus games shown at OC5 2018

Seven major games were shown at OC5 today by Oculus, by in Oculus Studios and in Oculus Publishing, too. In the Oculus Studio Titles category were Stormland by Insomniac Games, Lone Echo II by Ready At Dawn, Echo Combat (also by Ready at Dawn), and Defector by Twisted Pixel. Under the Oculus Publishing Titles umbrella were three titles: VOX Machinae by Space Bullet, Space Junkies by Ubisoft, and Final Assault by Phaser Lock.

1. Stormland by Insomniac Games

Stormland is one of a couple games you might’ve POSSIBLY heard of before. This game is a co-op in the action adventure genre, and it’ll be coming in the year 2019. You’re an android and you’ve got to “journey through an ever-changing cloudscape to augment yourself and save your friends.” This could be epic.

Above you’ll see some new screenshots. Below you’ll see a gameplay video from PAX 2018 from UploadVR.

2. Lone Echo II by Ready At Dawn

If you’re looking for a multi-game dedication by a team of developers that are in this universe for the long haul, look no further. Lone Echo II is part of the same “Echo VR franchise” as Echo Arena, Lone Echo (the first of two games, and Echo Combat (seen below, #3 on this list). Lone Echo II will be launched inside the year 2019 – it’s living in the Adventure genre.

Above you’ll see a few shots from the game. Below is the announce trailer for this game.

3. Echo Combat by Ready At Dawn

Echo Combat is part of the Echo VR franchise as well. This game is part of the Team Competitive Zero-g FPS genre. It’s basically the Battle Room from Ender’s Game – but you’re in it hardcore-style. This game will be launching on November 15th, 2018. There’ll be a free open beta (9/26-29) and a $10 launch.

4. Defector by Twisted Pixel

Twisted Pixel has had this Defector game in development since the dawn of time – and they’ve got the massive amounts of content to show for it. Defector’s supposed to be launching at some point inside the year 2019. Those that’ve seen this game before will find today’s content to be entirely new – part of “a new level set in India.”

Above you’ll see some images of this new level. Below you’ll get a larger look at the game.

5. VOX Machinae by Space Bullet

Oh SNAP look at this amazing title. It’s like we died and went to mech heaven. This game was developed by Space Bullet and will be released on September 26th, 2018. At that time it’ll be available for approximately $25 USD through the Oculus Store.

Above you’ll see a bunch of screenshots from the game. Below you’ll see the newest trailer for the game.

6. Space Junkies by Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s big title is Space Junkies, set to release in late 2018. Shown for the first time this week is a new 2v2 King Mode, Canyon Chase and Dark City maps, and new characters “Templar” and “Cray-Cray.” Ubisoft showed off a medkit this week (because what’s a game like this without a good medkit), and a new Team-up feature that should be ready by final release time.

Above you’ll see a few screenshots. Below you’ll see a video talking about the Closed Beta coming this week. UPDATE: Starting today!

7. Final Assault by Phaser Lock

You may have seen a bit of Final Assault before. Phaser Lock’s been working on this title for a while – this week they’ve shown some new PvP action. You might be familiar with their previous airplane combat-based VR titles: Final Approach and Final Approach: Pilot Edition. Final Assault will be released in late 2018.

This newest war game is shown above in screenshots and below in a full-length trailer.

8. Vader Immortal: Episode One by ILMxLAB

The folks at Lucasfilm responsible for making interactive content in the Star Wars universe revealed a DOOZIE of a game. This is Vader Immortal: Episode One, part one of a three-part series coming to VR in 2019. It’ll likely come to Oculus Quest first. They announced it’s been created with Oculus so that it’ll come to Oculus Quest, but they did not specify its exclusivity just yet.

Above you’ll see a big-time teaser trailer for Vader Immortal: Episode One. Make sure you’re sitting down when you watch.

Stick around for more OC5 content in our Oculus tag portal. We’ll be rolling with new info on both a software and a hardware tip immediately if not soon!

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