NVIDIA: "This will do for video games what cable television did for video"

This week NVIDIA's head Jen-Hsung Huang is thrilling audiences once again with talk of massive expansion of the video game industry. This week he speaks of GeForce Grid, a system which will allow people to turn on a video game as simply as they would change a channel on their television. This system is based on a GPU – a GPU called GeForce Grid – which is made specifically to stream video games to any smartphone, tablet, TV, or PC with the same power as the rest.

This announcement was made at NVIDIA's annual investors meeting along with several other tantalizing bits like the 4G LTE Icera chip show off earlier today capable of working with the NVIDIA Tegra 3 in 2013. Huang noted that "the entire video game market is still relatively small" compared to what it could be given cloud-based solutions. Showing off a grid which showed how much NVIDIA covered today, first of all, it was shown that just 100 million PC gamers work within the NVIDIA GeForce GPU world.

After that, there's Console Gamers, Casual Gamers, and Cable Subscribers, these totaling out to 100 million, 500 million, and 500 million again across the earth. Together these three sections will be covered under GeForce Grid. Huang assured investors: "we believe [GeForce Grid] will do for video games what cable television did for video." NVIDIA will be providing the next-generation hardware the world needs to make this situation a reality. Stay tuned for more NVIDIA news throughout the day – gaming galore!