NVIDIA enters cloud gaming with GeForce GRID

Cloud gaming seems to be gathering some momentum, with OnLive and Gaikai both providing streaming games for reasonable prices with decent, if not amazing, quality. Now NVIDIA has signed a partnership with Gaikai that would see the cloud gaming company make use of of the new Kepler architecture as well as dedicated video encoding via CUDA.

The two Kepler GPUs on the GRID card will be able to crunch their way through the latest games without too much trouble, while CUDA performs H.264 video encoding duties in realtime. NVIDIA say that takes pressure off CPUs, reducing energy consumption and proving more efficient than other solutions. On top of that, the company says its fast streaming technology cuts lags down to just 10ms, although ultimately your internet connection will be dependant on how well you can play the game.

So what's the plan beyond that? NVIDIA and Gaikai showed off a virtual console though, streaming games to an LG Smart TV controlled using a wireless game pad. It looks like the duo will leverage Smart TVs and Android devices going forward rather than offering dedicated hardware like OnLive's Game System.

Several game developers seem to be onboard with the scheme, such as Epic Games, Capcom, and THQ, although it remains to be seen when the final app will appear. In the meantime, wander over to Gaikai's website for a glimpse of the shape of things to come.

[via Android Community]