NVIDIA SHIELD TV update is 25th in 5 years

Today we're taking a peek at the smart TV, Android TV device called NVIDIA SHIELD TV and its latest update. This update is the 25th update to the device since its launch in May of 2015. This is a device that's been praised for updates long after competitors have abandoned their devices – it's one of the longest-lasting Android devices ever made.

The latest update to the original SHIELD TV device gets the same update package as the versions that came in the years between then and now, SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.2. This version of the software adds different features for each of the different models, but improves the whole collection in ways that are significant.

The 2019 NVIDIA SHIELD adds features to its AI upscaler system. This upgrade "adds more UHD 4K upscaling support from 360p ro 1440p content. If you're using a 2019 SHIELD TV Pro, this update adds 60fps content support. This SHIELD can now upscale HD TV content as well as YouTube content to 4K with its AI upscaler system.

Both the 2015 and 2017 NVIDIA SHIELD models have an option to match the frame rate of displayed content – making the best of whatever you're viewing. SMBv3 now works on all models, natively, for fast and secure connectivity between PC and SHIELD. This worked before with a PLEX media server, now it works without PLEX, if you do so desire.

If you're using the SHIELD TV app for SHIELD control, this upgrade adds IR volume control. This upgrade adds support for digital projectors connected to NVIDIA SHIELD "allowing functionality when SHIELD isn't active."

The update adds functionality to the newest hardware remote, too. Released with the 2019 NVIDIA SHIELD, this most recently-released piece of hardware has a big button that selects and/or opens content. The update allows users to configure a custom action for a double press and/or a long press of this button.

This update should be available to all users this week. You'll more than likely get the update automatically – otherwise it'll appear as a notification on your home screen where you'll select UPDATE to access.