NVIDIA Shield update says you WIN at choosing gadgets

The original NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device was released in the year 2015. In the year 2019, NVIDIA is still releasing significant software updates. Our modern hardware/software world makes most people expect that any non-laptop or desktop PC device they purchase will work fine for a couple years, then will probably slow a significant amount. With the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV smart gaming device, that does NOT seem to be true.

NVIDIA's invested time and effort into the NVIDIA SHIELD in a way that's far closer to a gaming console than any other Android device. They've updated the device from Android Lollipop to Marshmallow to Nougat to Oreo, and now to Pie. No other device has been through this many major Android updates from its original manufacturer – none!

When I think about how well the NVIDIA SHIELD has performed over the past half-decade, I realize that I've not fully appreciated what's been accomplished. My family's used this little box more than any other single device in this house – including the TV to which it's attached. We've used this same NVIDIA SHIELD through two televisions.

Let me dedicate a video to the NVIDIA SHIELD right now. This video is from the TV show Schitt's Creek. This is to you, NVIDIA SHIELD, because you are... simply the best.

At the same time, I swear to god, if this machine stops getting software updates just because a new NVIDIA SHIELD is released in the next year, I'll absolutely flip out. Nothing makes me feel more betrayed than the abandonment of device support in favor of reassigning developers to new versions of the same device line.

Now's a good time to watch that throne! There's rumor that NVIDIA has a new SHIELD device in the works. Keep an eye on the hardware and keep tracking the software right here on SlashGear!