NVIDIA ShadowPlay released for ease in screen recording

This morning NVIDIA sent out the newest version of the GeForce Experience, a software suite allowing users to optimize the settings of their games based on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics processor they have running. This suite gained a major addition this week called ShadowPlay. ShadowPlay allows the user to add a high-powered screen video recording system to their experience with a tap of a switch and a set of shortcuts.

This software works with a collection of preferences that'd only otherwise been in 3rd-party screen recording apps. Now with NVIDIA's solution, it's an experience optimized for the setup you've got – supposing that's NVIDIA graphics-inclusive, of course.

You'll have a set of Modes available – one is "Shadow & Manual", the other is just Shadow, and a third is just Manual. With Manual mode, you're in charge of knowing when you'll want to start recording the screen. In Shadow mode, the software is always recording, discarding the recording constantly until you want to save the last segment of time with the tap of a button.

Remember to check this out with Twitch as well!

Shadow time works with Shadow recording, allowing you to pre-set the amount of time in the past you want to save as a video. Pre-set is 5 minutes, saving you approximately 1.9GB of file if you're working with in-game audio and Quality set to high.

You can also set the Quality to medium or low, and the Audio to off. In the future we'll quite likely be able to record with a microphone as well. Settings also include the ability to change what keys bring on shortcuts, where you'd like to export your files, and the position of the ShadowPlay indicator.

This is all downloadable for free via the NVIDIA GeForce Experience, and you'll also have new access to a new "LED Visualiser" in the "My Rig" tab. This simple software allows you to configure the LED lights on your machine – this including the GEFORCE in green on most users' graphics cards – make it your own!