NVIDIA proves their graphics might with text-based game

So you thought NVIDIA was all about graphics, did you? Here's a jolt – they've just released a text-based adventure game online. This game goes by the name Ultimate Quest and it's ready to let you dive into an (extremely frustrating) storyline with typing as its heart and soul. And steering wheel.

This is the game Ultimate Quest – not to be confused with the unsuccessful KickStarter Ultimate Quest from earlier this month. In this quest, you're in a futuristic realm in which you must escape your bonds with alchemy. Mix elements to create new elements and use them to advance.

Highlighted words are items you can use – and you'll want to use the whole lot. Escape your first prison by creating Pepper Spray, spraying your guard, the OVERSEER, in the eyes. It all seems very simple at first, but you'll find yourself freaking out with madness before long. Look around, Analyze, and Use everything Watch out for Drones while you're at it.

While the NVIDIA Ultimate Quest portal is normally at UltimateQuest.NVIDIA.com, right this minute it appears to be down. Too many people tapping all at once.

NVIDIA suggests this game will reveal something new next Tuesday. Have a peek at our NVIDIA tag portal and/or our Tegra Hub and see if you can figure out what it might be.

For those of you interested on the back end – you'll find NVIDIA collaborating with AKQA on this project. AKWA is a company that creates ideas for clients to launch products simply and effectively. They also helped launch the Destiny Selfie campaign (which appears to be down now) as well as the Mortal Kombat X trailer #1.