NVIDIA Project SHIELD Demos Borderlands 2 In Live PC Gaming Stream

This week the folks at NVIDIA have unleashed a new demo video depicting their Project SHIELD mobile gaming device playing none other than Borderlands 2. The reason this is a monstrous feat, for those of you that don't know, is the fact that this game is a high-powered PC game that otherwise only exists on the most fabulous of gaming PC builds. This game is shown here streaming on a home-based wireless network from a Falcon Tiki PC working with a GeForce GTX 680 graphics card – it's a top-level PC gaming experience streamed to a mobile device in the palms of your hands!

The Project SHIELD device you see here will be coming to you later this year straight from NVIDIA with very few changes between here and there – with the name being the first and perhaps largest update of the bunch. From what we've heard about this device thus far, it's only the final name and a set of tweaks that need to be done to the hardware that stand between this device and its final release build. Then it'll be the first consumer mobile smart device created by and branded straight up NVIDIA, top to bottom!

What you're seeing here is the device running Android, but streaming Borderlands 2 from a PC over a wireless network. This is the first of a series of NVIDIA's "Project SHIELD PC Mondays" in which you'll see the machine busting out with PC power with great ease. The stream you're seeing here is happening in real time, with the display of the computer in the background showing how instantaneously you're getting not just the graphics, but the gameplay as well.

This streaming action also includes the highest graphics settings you've worked with on your PC as well. This is no "tune it down so you can stream" sort of situation. You'll be working with the NVIDIA GeForce Experience to optimize your gameplay for your PC, then Project SHIELD will work with that top-notch experience. Hot stuff!

Have a peek at the timeline below to see all the NVIDIA Project SHIELD action you can handle right here on SlashGear, and check out our Tegra Hub for an NVIDIA overdose – graphics and processing power and mobile gaming, oh my!