NVIDIA G-Sync eyes-on shows slave gaming monitor in action

This week the folks at NVIDIA have done a demonstration of G-Sync with the G-Sync Module, their newest in graphics technology to drive forward the universe of gaming graphics. Here we're seeing a G-Sync-equipped ASUS monitor next to a unit without, the both of them running the same technology otherwise. This piece of hardware – hidden here – is the G-Sync module, turning the monitor into a slave to the graphics processor inside the PC.

You'll see two demonstrations here of the technology on – again – ASUS monitors. The G-Sync module will also be appearing in BenQ, Philips, and ViewSonic monitors first. After that, they'll be pushing a whole lot more as soon as they can convince the world of the greatness of the graphics boost. The first demonstration makes use of an NVIDIA demo app using a pendulum to show stutter and tearing of moving images.

The second demonstration makes use of the newest in Tomb Raider graphics – here you'll find the camera spin around Lara Croft as she stands at a cliff overlooking the ocean. Notice the stutter, the tears, and everything in-between on the left monitor as the G-Sync-equipped monitor on the right goes to work with smoothness. This demonstration is expanded upon in another demo we've got appearing in the very near future here on SlashGear as well, in gameplay mode.

Note that to the untrained eye – if you're not a hardcore gamer or graphics user on the regular – not a whole lot of difference can be seen. Once your eyes are trained – and it doesn't take long – you'll see the (relatively immense) difference. Also keep in mind that it's easier to see the difference with your own eyes rather than through the camera as you're seeing here.

Above you're also seeing the G-Sync Module itself. This module will be sold to hardware manufacturers and implanted in gaming monitors soon – we'll see who picks up on the next-generation graphics trend.

This is just one of a collection of articles appearing with detail on NVIDIA's releases this week at this series of gaming excursions in Montreal. Stick around the NVIDIA tag portal for more as we run down the rabbit hole with graphics, gaming optimization, and hardware prowess throughout the day.