Novitec Ferrari F8 N-Largo Spider has an 818HP twin-turbo V8 engine

German tuning wizard Novitec has unveiled the Spider version of its Ferrari F8 N-Largo coupe. According to Novitec, the limited-edition F8 N-Largo coupe sold out in just a couple of days, with fifteen build slots disappearing in a cloud of dollars and haze. The tuning house is expecting the same type of reception from its newest Ferrari F8 N-Largo Spider. And like the coupe, only 15 units of the N-Largo Spider will ever be produced, making it among the rarest open-top tuned Ferraris in the world.

As expected, Novitec has employed similar tactics in making the spider as desirable as the coupe. The car now has a specific N-Largo carbon-fiber widebody kit to expand the rear axle by 83-inches (211 centimeters. Likewise, the N-Largo front fenders are 2.7-inches (7 cm) more expansive in the front, enhancing the luscious wedge-shaped aesthetic of the car.

The widebody kit is not merely for show. Fitted with front spoiler lips, a new rear diffuser, and a ducktail rear spoiler, the N-Largo Spider can slice through the wind like a hot knife over butter. Designed with the help of famed designer Vittorio Strosek, Novitec claims the unique shape minimizes aerodynamic lift to optimize handling and stability at triple-digit speeds.

Combined with "special sport springs" that lower the ride height by 1.38-inches (35 mm), what you have here is a grand-touring, open-top Ferrari that won't back down from track days or high-speed runs. And in case you need clearance to navigate over speed bumps, the suspension has a hydraulic front lift system to raise the nose by 1.57-inches at the touch of a button. If you forget to lower the nose, the system will do so automatically upon reaching speeds of 50 mph.

In true Novitec fashion, the N-Largo Spider has oodles of power under its rear bonnet. Like the coupe, it has the same 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with two NOVITEC N-TRONIC computer modules and a bespoke NOVITEC exhaust system. Pumping out 818 horsepower and 666 pound-feet of torque, the N-Largo Spider rushes effortlessly to 60 mph from rest in 2.6-seconds and zero to 124 mph in 7.7-seconds. It also has a top speed of over 211 mph, and you can do it with the top up or down.

It's hard not to mention those glorious 21-inch front and 22-inch rear wheels, created explicitly for the N-Largo Spider by Novitec and Vossen. Novitec offers up to 72 different color variants if you don't fancy dark-colored wheels, and the list includes brushed or polished finishes if you prefer some mild bling. Meanwhile, the interior is resplendent in varying colors of leather and Alcantara.

As we said, Novitec is only making 15 examples of the Ferrari F8 N-Largo Spider, and the company will reveal pricing upon placing an order.