Notion Ink clinch final investment; new hardware being considered

Having been the subject of speculation over potential launch delays over the weekend, we caught up with Notion Ink founder Rohan Shravan today to find out exactly where the Adam tablet project is up to.  Turns out, Rohan's team are celebrating today as they've just clinched their final round of investment; they can't tell us the identity of the investors themselves, but it sets them up for potentially producing around 100,000 Adam units per month.  Meanwhile there are whispers about new hardware options; more on that after the cut.

Until now, we've known there would be two Adam versions, one with Pixel Qi's 3qi indoor/outdoor transflective display and the other with a regular LCD display and a cheaper price tag, and both based on NVIDIA's second-gen Tegra.  Now, Notion Ink are talking about a potential second, cheaper platform that could be offered alongside the Tegra chipset as a more battery-efficient option.  This is all still undecided, however, and there's no indication of which alternative chipset is being considered.

Meanwhile, the Notion Ink UI team have apparently been hard at work, and the Android-based SDK is just waiting on that to be finalised before it's released; interestingly, they've also been preparing what Rohan describes as "wonderful innovations" on their email app which he believes "might become the biggest differentiation for Adam."  The project is still on track for a Q3 2010 release, and we're back to being mighty excited.  More on Adam in our hands-on, here.

Notion Ink Adam hands-on:

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