Notion Ink: Adam won't launch until November [Update: Not (quite) true]

Notion Ink's much-anticipated Adam tablet is unlikely to see a commercial launch until November, with delays currently being blamed on investor preferences. According to an unnamed would-be customer who contacted the company via email, Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan confirmed that while investors stumped up the cash for the project "they also brought the step by step procedures and experience on how we should launch." "I am sad to say that I have to fight every day with them to launch by July end," Shravan continues, "but they want us to hit markets only near Thanksgiving."Update: We've talked with Rohan Shravan and it seems he was only partially quoted in the original report.  More details after the cut.

That's disappointing news for anyone hoping Notion Ink would keep to their original Q3 2010 release window. The Adam is an Android based 10.1-inch slate using Pixel Qi's 3qi display technology for indoor and outdoor use; based on NVIDIA's Tegra 2 chipset – itself a source of delay rumors – it promises to be an arguably more flexible alternative to Apple's iPad while supporting 1080p HD video and longer battery life. Notion Ink have previously insisted that they will only be launching the Adam when full Flash support is available, in a hope of better differentiating their product.

We've got a request in with Notion Ink for official clarification, but if the email is legitimate then it seems Apple will have at least another full quarter to further boost sales of their iPad. For more on Adam, check out our hands-on with the prototype back at CES 2010.

Update: Notion Ink tells us that the November launch is in "a few countries" but not all, and that Rohan's original email saying so was only partially quoted.  They also tell us they'll be releasing a launch date "soon".  Hopefully this means things are still on track for a Q3 2010 release, in some regions at least.Notion Ink Adam hands-on:

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