Notion Ink Canvas demo: Adam's drawing & image editing app [Video]

Another day, another Notion Ink demo video, and after yesterday's Sniffer file management run-through there's a somewhat more entertaining app on show today. Canvas is a drawing and image editing program of Notion Ink's own creation, and though the video only shows the former functionality there's apparently support for layers, different brush types and other pro-style tools.Video demo after the cut

Notion Ink describe the current version as the "alpha" of what they eventually want Canvas to do, with plenty of updates promised for after Adam launches. The company is predicting that tablets will find a niche in storyboarding, and so are looking to make it useful for pro-artists and developers rather than simply something to keep the kids occupied.

The clip below has obviously been sped up, but it's interesting to see all the same. It reminds us a little of ArtRage, which was always one of the best ways to demonstrate Windows-based tablets back in their heyday.