Notion Ink Adam gets "Sniffer" file management demo [Video]

Notion Ink has pushed out its latest video demonstrating the custom software it has put together for the Tegra 2 powered Adam tablet. The topic – the file browser app Sniffer – may not seem all that exciting, but if you've ever tried to use an iPad or Android-based tablet for more in-depth work than web browsing and email then you'll likely know how important deep file management and control is.Video demo after the cut

Given you can plug a keyboard and/or mouse into the Adam's two USB ports, that potentially makes the tablet a decent platform for content creation rather than just consumption. Sniffer also integrates an app manager, allowing you to kill running apps or uninstall them.

As we wrote yesterday, Notion ink's custom software for the Adam is one of the reasons we're most excited about the slate. Without those apps it's just another Tegra 2 tablet – albeit one with a Pixel Qi display – but with them the start-up has made a real effort to bring Android up to slate speed before Google's official Honeycomb is released.