Notion Ink Adam clears FCC ahead of midweek shipping

Notion Ink has confirmed that its Adam slate has finally passed through the FCC, which means full clearance for the Android tablet and that the company can print the mandatory labels. That's expected to begin on Monday, with Adam shipping out from Wednesday; delays in the FCC granting the appropriate codes had held up finalizing the production models.

Adam will have a product code of NI3421A01 (while the FCC guarantee code and FNR are Y2G and 0020356499 respectively). That's apparently named after consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci series, each iteration – and there have been nine, including the shipping batch – marking a significant event (good or bad) in Notion Ink's progress to market. A01, meanwhile, stands for the first in the Adam series; the company isn't being shy about having plans beyond this initial model.

As for the second round of pre-orders, due to the issues surrounding the first batch, Notion Ink has perhaps wisely held off until it can come up with a more inclusive solution. The company is apparently "a few days away" from deliveries in the US and Europe.

Notion Ink Adam UI demo:

[vms 8a345332c751b2f2e476]