Notifications in iOS 8 get actionable with quick-access multitasker

The way in which Apple handles mobile notifications has been refined in iOS 8, making it quicker to react and respond to alerts on iPhone and iPad. The new mobile platform now allows notifications to be pulled open with a fingertip instead of just being tapped or swipe-dismissed, opening up a selection of context-specific responses.

So, for instance, if it's a Messages notification, you can respond to a new IM in iMessage simply by nudging open the alert and then typing straight into the text box that's revealed.

It works for third-party apps, too. If a Facebook alert comes in – someone tagging you in a photo, perhaps – then the notification opens up to show "Like" and "Reply" buttons, too.

In fact, swiping around to get to quick-response buttons has been added across iOS 8. In the email inbox, for instance, you can pull across on an email in the list and see buttons for delete, reply, and other actions.

Swiping all the way across, meanwhile, deletes the message altogether.

Double-tapping the home button brings up not only the app switcher but quick access to your most-frequent contacts. There, you can trigger a new call, message, or other method of contact.

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