NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight leaked

There's a new device coming to the world of e-readers and it's being delivered on the good ship Barnes & Noble. A bit of signage has been leaked to the public introducing a GlowLight-toting NOOK Simple Touch e-book reader, this effectively bringing an integrated frontlight to the simple e-reader market before the competition has the chance. This is a bit different from what the average tablet-owner knows as backlit, but will certainly have you reading in the dark much longer than your eyes could have otherwise stood on their own.

Barnes & Noble of course also has a NOOK line of devices which hit the market over a year ago with a color screen – the NOOK we're looking at here being the one that's black and white and has letters all over. This new version will have the same sort of E-Ink display as before, but with a front light embedded over the screen. Thats light without light, text that looks like its on paper, but not like the average paper-wielding book has.

There's not yet any information out in the wild on a price or release date for this new product, but expect it to be out soon! That is, if Barnes & Noble doesn't quash it now that it's been revealed early. We're guessing it's well on the way though, especially with rumors of a Next-gen E-Ink Kindle on the way!

[via The Digital Reader]