Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki is "obsessed" with reclaiming smartphone top spot

Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki, new head of Mobile Solutions at the Finnish company, has set out his stall over at the company's official Conversations blog, and he's not setting himself a simple task.  "I am committed, perhaps even obsessed," he writes "with getting Nokia back to being number one in high-end devices."  Meanwhile, Vanjoki confirms that while the N8 will be the last Nseries device to run Symbian^3, "a Symbian^4 Nseries device is a strong possibility.  A very strong possibility."

He also dismisses ongoing rumors that Nokia is looking to other platforms for future handsets, saying that there are no plans for an Android Nokia device and that Symbian and MeeGo are definitely the company's way forward.  He also mentions the recent high-profile closure of Symbian-Guru, one of the biggest names in Nokia-dedicated blogs, saying that the company is "determined to win back supporters."

"There is no denying, that as a challenger now, we have a fight on our hands" Vanjoki concludes.  To be fair, we've never doubted the imagination or intelligence of the Nokia team – I wrote just that back in April – but with high-profile blogger exits (including The Nokia Guide, which has just announced it will no longer cover Symbian news) the company needs to really deliver on their promise of "products and services you will want to own and use."

[Thanks OscarB!]