Nokia Treasure Tag Mini slims tracker dongle

Chris Davies - May 12, 2014
Nokia Treasure Tag Mini slims tracker dongle

Nokia’s Treasure Tag wireless location dongle has finally hit shelves, and already the company has a smaller version ready. The Nokia Treasure Tag Mini is only half the thickness of the first version, at 5.85mm, but still pairs up with a Lumia Windows Phone – or indeed an iOS or Android device – and warns you if you step out of Bluetooth range.

What the Treasure Tag Mini doesn’t have, however, is the NFC connectivity of the larger Treasure Tag. Instead it relies solely on Bluetooth 4.0.


The Treasure Tag apps show the last location the Tag was recorded at, as well as sounding an alert if you move beyond Bluetooth 4.0’s 40m range. It’s also possible to make the Tag sound its own alert, useful for finding misplaced keys, and up to four Tags can be connected to a device at any one time.

Sales of the Nokia Treasure Tag kick off globally (save China, which will have to wait until later in May) today, with the dongle offered in cyan, yellow, white, and black. It’s priced at $29.90/€24.90.

The Treasure Tag Mini, meanwhile, will be offered only in white with an orange silicone strap, and will be priced at $16.90/€14.90.


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