Nokia Treasure Tag keeps track of your stuff using NFC or Bluetooth

Shane McGlaun - Feb 19, 2014
Nokia Treasure Tag keeps track of your stuff using NFC or Bluetooth

Nokia has gone official with the introduction of its latest gadget called the Treasure Tag. We talked about the Treasure Tag device back in July of last year when the product was mostly rumor. Nokia has now offered up all the details on the Treasure Tag and it is designed to help you keep track of your valuables.

The Treasure Tag device is a small 30 x 30 x 10 cm gadget that weighs 13g. The device is very small and pairs with your smartphone or other device using NFC technology or Bluetooth. If you leave the house without your smartphone, the treasure tag on an item you do have will alarm. If you leave the house with your smartphone but forget your keys that have a Treasure Tag attached the smartphone will alarm.


The Treasure Tag works in conjunction with an app that runs on Windows Phone. If you leave without one of your devices, both the smartphone and the device will create a tone. The idea is that you will hear the tone on the other device and the sound will lead you to it.

The app will support up to four Treasure Tags at the same time. You can enter special icons for each of the tags to make it easy to tell which of your devices you are missing. Each of the tags can also be placed on the Start screen as a Live Tile and is color coded to match the color of the tag. You can deactivate the tags from the smartphone if you aren’t taking a tagged device with you. Four different colors are available including cyan, yellow, white, and black. Each Treasure Tag has an MSRP of $29.90. The Treasure Tag will be available globally in April. The Lumia Black update is required for Nokia devices and there will be third party apps supporting Android and iOS devices.


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