Nokia: N900 MeeGo dual-boot isn't for consumers

News earlier that the Nokia N900 would be getting a dual-boot MeeGo option cheered up a lot of people, who had begun to suspect that the Finns intended to leave them and their open-source smartphone in the cold.  Now, however, the official word from Nokia has come through to The Nokia Blog that consumers still won't be offered a dual-boot option: it's only intended for developers to use.

"The Nokia N900 is used as development hardware for platform developers working with MeeGo on ARM hardware architecture. While the software from the MeeGo project runs on the Nokia N900 for development purposes, Nokia does not intend to provide a dual-boot OS option to consumers in upcoming N900 commercial software releases as we want to ensure that we provide the best possible experience designed for that device. The blog post was primarily targeted to the audience reading the blog: MeeGo developers." Nokia statement

The news echoes official statements back in May which amounted to much the same thing: that there will be no commercial MeeGo roll-out for the N900 in the interests of maintaining the best, most stable experience on Maemo.  Disappointing, yes, but we don't doubt there'll be plenty of people going the developer route with their N900 and loading whatever ROMs are out there.