MeeGo Finally Comes To N900

When the Nokia N900 hit the market the device was running Maemo and MeeGo was missing. MeeGo has now announced that it has a new open source modem adaption specifically for the N900 smartphone. The development of the software is attributed by MeeGo to cooperation from its dev team and the Nokia Telephony and Audio Team.

MeeGo reminds that the software is open source and if you put the image onto your N900 you are on your own as far as support and usage, in other words they aren't responsible if you brick your device. The image is running the .35rc5 kernel and issues that delayed the roll out of MeeGo for the device have been fixed.

The big fixes include working battery loading and a bug in the WLAN driver that has been found and addressed. MeeGo's Harri Hakulinen says that one of the hardest bugs to work out of the system that the devs had to address was for the fennec browser and getting an ARM compilation to work smoothly since the MeeGo software uses gcc compiler. The 1.3 update for the N900 will allow the user to dual boot into Maemo and MeeGo at will.