Nokia N900 big-screen gaming gets video demo

Apple's iPod touch 3G may be "the funnest iPod ever" now that Steve & Co have decided it's a hardcore gaming machine, but it looks like they may have some competition from Nokia.  One of the N900's less publicized features is its TV output, which can be used to play the preinstalled games – Global Race and Bounce – on a bigger display.  Maemo-Guru shot some footage of the N900 doing its gaming thing, and it certainly looks promising.Video demo after the cut

The N900 lacks a D-pad, but can be controlled using the accelerometer by simply tilting the smartphone around.  Nokia's N-Gage game download service has plenty more titles than the two pre-loaded on the N900, but unfortunately the company has already confirmed that N-Gage access won't be present when the handset first launches.

Still, there's already a distribution network for Maemo Internet Tablets, and titles like Doom have been ported over to the open-source platform, so getting hold of games shouldn't be an impossibility.  The N900 lacks the same graphics grunt as the iPod touch 3G (or iPhone 3GS), yes, but its higher native-resolution 800 x 480 display (the Apple devices run at 480 x 320) may give it some advantage.  More on the Nokia N900 here.

[via UMPC Fever]