Nokia N810 price drops to $299.99

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Bargains to be had, as Nokia's N810 Internet Tablet takes a price tumble at several big-name retailers.  Both TigerDirect and CompUSA have the N810 – which offers VoIP, internet browsing, email, messaging and more over a WiFi connection – for $299.99, down from the original price of $479.99.  Nokia's own online store is selling the N810 for $439.

Nokia recently announced a WiMAX version of the N810 (called, unsurprisingly, the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition) which takes advantage of the new high-speed network. 

No word on whether this is a permanent price cut or a temporary one, and if the latter how long this promotion will last.  Since the N810 has already been shown to be a practical Android candidate, it could be a low-cost way to develop for Google's new OS.

[via Gadgetell]