Nokia MixRadio to spin off from Microsoft for iOS and Android

Chris Burns - Jul 18, 2014, 9:27am CDT
Nokia MixRadio to spin off from Microsoft for iOS and Android

Spinning off from Microsoft in the near future, Nokia MixRadio – originally called Nokia Music – will become its own entity. This service will eventually be able to work with Apple’s iOS for iPhone and iPad as well as Google’s Android for tablets and smartphones. For now, the service continues to work with Windows Phone.

Nokia MixRadio works in a fashion similar to that of Beats Music. Dr Dre’s streaming music service has a collection of music curators behind the scenes, creating lists of songs that users might want to listen to. The same is true of Nokia’s team within the company.

NOTE: Beats Music is now part of Apple – in June of 2013, MixRadio chief Jyrki Rosenberg suggested that Apple’s iTunes Radio was “playing catch-up with Nokia Music.”

Speaking with The Guardian this week, Rosenberg suggests that he’s been “meeting with potential investors around the world in the last few weeks.” He continues, “we have very strong interest from investors in the US, Europe, and Asia, and we remain open for further discussions.”

The Nokia MixRadio service will almost certainly remain fully operational on Windows Phone devices through the future. If it does spread to iOS and/or Android, it’ll be the first streaming music service to start with Windows Phone and move to those platforms, rather than the other way around.

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