Nokia Lumia EOS could hit stores as soon as this month

Craig Lloyd - Jul 5, 2013
Nokia Lumia EOS could hit stores as soon as this month

We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about Nokia’s upcoming Lumia device called the EOS, but no solid evidence has come our way besides a few rumors about the device sporting an aluminum body, a waterproof nanocoating, and obviously a huge camera sensor and lens that looks to be the main feature of the phone. The latest rumblings is that we’ll see this device in stores sometime later this month.

In a screenshot taken of one Microsoft Store’s inventory, there’s a Nokia device called the 1020 that’s said to be the 41MP EOS device that we’ve been hearing all about. It shows the handset as being an AT&T exclusive in three colors: black, yellow, and white. Retail price looks to be set at around $600, according to the screenshot.

It’s said that Microsoft Stores will be getting the 1020s on July 22, but will wait a few days before actually putting them on store shelves for purchase. However, this means that you should be able to pick up an EOS as soon as later this month. Considering that Nokia is planning an event for next week, we’d be surprised if we didn’t see an EOS announcement.


However, if you really want one, you may have to get their early in order to snag a unit. According to this specific screenshot of one Microsoft Store’s inventory, there’s only going to be 70 units total per store on average, split amongst the three color choices.

We’ve already seen the EOS leaked and shown off, so if the device looks anything like what we’ve been seeing, we’ll already know what to expect, so we’re merely just waiting to get our hands on the thing and test out this high-MP camera to see what it’s capable of. Hopefully Nokia will treat us with the new device next week, so stay tuned!


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