Nokia Lumia Black update hits 1020 with firmware to boot

Chris Burns - Dec 19, 2013
Nokia Lumia Black update hits 1020 with firmware to boot

This week the most powerful camera phone on the planet – so to speak – has recieved a software update from Microsoft. The Nokia Lumia 1020 with its beastly back-facing camera will be rolling with Lumia Black, the newest in Nokia-based Windows Phone software – as soon as this afternoon for users across the United States. The firmware piece of this equation appears – for now – to be hitting the Lumia 1520.

While we’re expecting additional updates to hit soon, for now we’re seeing Lumia Black hitting the 1020 and a bit of firmware action for the Lumia 1520. Both of these devices are seeing this update series appearing over-the-air (aka OTA).

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is decidedly less exciting than the 1020 as it just includes “general performance and usability improvements”. Users will be able to hit this update with ease by heading to Settings – Phone Update – Check of Updates – and make sure you’re working with Wi-fi while you’re on it.

As for the 1020 Lumia Black update you’ll find a whole batch of upgrades ready for action. These include OS Build 10517 as well as the following bits and pieces:

– Daily delighters: lock the screen rotation, close apps easily in the app switcher, use custom ringtones for messaging and mail, among other things

– Update to Nokia Camera that combines Nokia Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera. Available from the Store app.

– Get the latest version of Nokia Glance Screen – see quick status notifications, for example, about calendar and messaging events on the lock screen.

– Bluetooth 4.0 LE – preserve energy while staying connected via Bluetooth

– Get enriched camera performance, enhanced battery monitoring, and other stability and usability improvements

Have a peek at our full Nokia Lumia 1020 review and dive down the rabbit hole with our more recent review of the Nokia Lumia 1520. It’s time to go big!

VIA: WPCentral

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