Nokia Lumia 920 is EE UK LTE exclusive

New UK combo-carrier EE will be the only carrier in the UK to offer the Nokia Lumia 920, it's been confirmed, with the Windows Phone 8 smartphone offering LTE connectivity. Pricing for the flagship Lumia has not been announced, nor availability, though EE says it intends to begin 4G operations in four cities from today.

The actual commercial launch will come a little later however; the first LTE light-up is really for engineers from the carrier to test things out and make sure the 4G system is running smoothly. Today is the first day EE has been legally allowed to operate an LTE network, according to UK regulator approval.

The Lumia 920 will be accompanied by the Lumia 820, though that won't apparently be an exclusive with EE. Also uncertain – though likely – is whether EE will be offering the Lumia 920 via the two 3G carriers it includes, T-Mobile and Orange, though since the new network's 4G service isn't expected to go live in sixteen cities until the end of the year, we can't see either EE or Nokia being keen to limit sales of the smartphone.

EE is yet to announce pricing for the phone, or indeed for any of its LTE service packages, though there won't be a prepay option for 4G data. More on EE – including speedtests – here.