Nokia Lumia 900 grabs best-seller top spots

Chris Davies - Apr 9, 2012
Nokia Lumia 900 grabs best-seller top spots

AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 900 may have launched on a holiday with patchy store opening, but online sales look to have hit the spot. Neither AT&T nor Nokia have given any specific sales figures so far, but the black and cyan versions of the Lumia 900 are currently occupying the first and second place in the cellphone best-sellers chart for at least one large online retailer.

That could well be down to pricing, given AT&T has been more ambitious than usual with this new Windows Phone. The official list price – with two-year agreement – is $99.99, though online the Lumia 900 can readily be found for $49.99.

Third place is brought up by the Android-based Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, meanwhile. The gap in sales isn’t specified, but it’s worth noting that in the broader “Cell Phones & Accessories” category the RAZR MAXX is at 278 while the black and cyan Lumia are at 119 and 214 respectively.

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However, there have been reports of some teething pains for new Lumia 900 owners, with issues connecting to 4G LTE. AT&T is supposedly aware of the issue and a fix is in the pipeline.

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