Nokia Instant Community gets new video demo: ideal for cruising

Chris Davies - May 27, 2010
Nokia Instant Community gets new video demo: ideal for cruising

Nokia Research have pushed out a second video demonstrating their Nokia Instant Community system of WiFi-based group messaging, and while first time around it was portrayed as a way to share sport event and concert opinions with those nearby, now everything has gotten a bit cruisy.  The principle is the same – ad-hoc WiFi connections are set up with nearby devices, and you can send out text, photo and video messages as well as see how many of your previous contacts are within range – but now it’s being used to woo with amateur poetry, reconnect with random people you “encountered” at the gym, and get yourself invited to parties.

Video demo after the cut

There’s a nifty “Sociometer” gauge which shows how many previous contacts are nearby, and user-customizable profiles – such as “Party” or “Public” – which can be used to set how contactable you are.  The system automatically makes WiFi connections and uses each compatible device as a network repeater, bridging the links so that your poetry can be shared by even more people.

According to the Nokia Research team, they built Instant Community with openness in mind; even though there are only Nokia devices shown in the video, if the system ever gets released we’ll hopefully see it spread to other platforms too.  Just make sure to turn off key-sounds, and remember that amateur poetry is generally best kept to yourself.

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