Nokia EOS/Lumia 1020 battery-case accessory caught in wild

Chris Davies - Jul 8, 2013, 3:30am CDT
Nokia EOS/Lumia 1020 battery-case accessory caught in wild

Nokia will offer a combination external battery and case for the upcoming EOS/Lumia 1020 41-megapixel Windows Phone, according to a new leak purportedly showing the accessory, making the smartphone more photographer-friendly. The case, shared with Russian site Izvestia, clips onto the new EOS complete with a large hole for its protruding PureView lens, and apparently accommodates a 1,020 mAh battery.

That, the site’s sources claim, is good for a roughly 35-percent boost in power. Given that battery consumption during photography and filming is likely to be high, that could make the difference between the EOS continuing to shoot your summer party or being stuck in a pocket.

The design has also been made so as to give the smartphone a better, camera-style grip, it’s said, extending its length so that it fits single-handed into the palm more comfortably. That should also place the dedicated camera key in a more usable place under the finger, it’s suggested.

Other tidbits include a tripod mounting screw, apparently – again emphasizing the Lumia 1020’s camera credentials – though it’s not visible in the photo. A microUSB port for charging rounds out the key specs.

Nokia is expected to officially reveal its new Windows Phone on July 11, Thursday this week, at an event in New York. Several leaks have indicated that the phone will look much like the Lumia 920, but have a considerably enlarged camera assembly to fit the high-resolution sensor.

That sensor will, like the Nokia 808 PureView, use advanced pixel-clustering to produce 5- to 8-megapixel equivalent stills with greater quality than rival phones, if the rumors are to be believed. Meanwhile, the PureView system also permits lossless digital zooming.

According to a recent sighting of a Microsoft stock note, the phone will hit shelves as the Lumia 1020 and could be on sale as soon as this month.

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