Nokia Digital Health business not going so hot right now

After a couple years in the health device business, Nokia's now not quite as sure they're ready to stay. Back in April of 2016, the Nokia brand acquired the Withings brand, and all their devices along with it. At that time, acquiring Withings meant every single Withings brand device in production would switch to Nokia branding, and every device line in Withings lineup would go Nokia from that point on. That purchase might not have been Nokia's best.

Given Nokia's relative good fortune with the smartphone and feature phone business of late, it's no surprise they're addressing the rest of their business. Word this morning is that Nokia's "initiated a review of strategic options" with its Digital Health business. They specifically refer to this part of their company as "Digital Health", a business within a business, under their Nokia Technologies brand.

"Digital Health's business portfolio includes consumer and enterprise products," said a Nokia PR representative, "and it manufactures and sells an ecosystem of hybrid smart watches, scales and digital health devices to consumers and enterprise partners."

With the Withings purchase, Nokia made way for more manufacturing abilities. A wider path into the future for Nokia in the manufacturing business meant good things on the consumer side of things – but now we find, not necessarily on the health devices front.

Of particular note, Nokia suggested that several major parts of their business are "not in the scope of this review." Those include "The Patent Business, Brand Partnerships and Technology Licensing units in Nokia Technologies." That means basically everything outside of health is probably going pretty good for Nokia right this minute.

Have a peek at the timeline below for more information on Nokia's latest doings. They've just surpassed smartphone/feature phone sales of several brands we've come to understand are, in comparison, not doing super well at the moment.