Nokia Champagne Windows Phone Tango device uncovered

What's been seen in the "I'm a WP7!" logs this week is a seemingly brand new Nokia device that will, believe it or not, run Windows Phone Tango, and is, quite possibly, the street incarnation of what we've seen previously as the Lumia 900 or the Nokia ACE. Get your decks of cards out, ladies and gentlemen, because here's a name you'll likely be hearing again in the future: Nokia Champagne. You'll have seen the rest of the names on the I'm a WP7 device list found this week so it's not worth peeking at, but we can dream starting NOW on what the tastiest of Nokia future devices hold – mmmm Champagne.

What else you can see in the log files right this moment if you head to your app on your Windows Phone by the name of ...I'm a WP7! is no less than a new entry which is indeed the Nokia Champagne. This device, mind you, is shown to be running Windows Phone build 7.10.8711, this meaning that you'll be seeing Tango in the mix when its released, and we've got a couple of guesses on what it could possible be. Note here also that the image above was taken and modified from WPCentral as well as Nokia UK where they had the phone image in their gallery with no show of what it was named — and the images in the gallery below come from various posts here on SG, each linked in the next paragraph.

Have a peek at the original Ace leak as well as the small amount of info there is thusly out there so far about the Lumia 900 that we'd heard whispers about in our time at Nokia World 2011. Then head back here and let us know which you think it could be – thin and giant like the Lumia 800 but better, so much better. That's what it's GOT to be.

[via PocketNow]