Nokia 6760 Slide is Europe's AT&T Surge

It's not just AT&T subscribers who get to enjoy the "distinctive" aesthetic charms of Nokia's latest QWERTY featurephone; the Nokia 6760 Slide, already known as the AT&T Nokia Surge, will be making its debut in Q3 2009 for European buyers.  While the general look of the 6760 Slide is unchanged, the camera has seen a welcome boost from 2- to 3.2-megapixels.

Other features include a 2.4-inch QVGA LCD display, up to 8GB microSD card support (with a 2GB card in the box) and A-GPS, along with Nokia's mapping app with 3D landmarks and terrain mapping.  We're guessing that Nokia have fettled the 6760 Slide's 3G to work on Euro networks, so as to make the most of its Exchange email support, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace integration.

Battery life is rated as up to five hours talktime or 500 hours standby, and it will be available in black initially with white and red versions showing up later on in the year (country dependent).  It's expected to retail for €199 ($283) before subsidies and taxes.