Nokia 105 hands-on: nearly free and perfectly simple

With the Nokia 105, the former king of mobile phone sales once again attempts to take out an ace: a super-simple phone that looks cool, acts cool, and will cost you less than a couple of movie tickets. With the Nokia 105 you've got two color options – blue or black, and a price point at right around $20 USD (or 15 EURO, depending on where you live), with a release set for somewhere inside the second half of 2013. It's got a flashlight, a tiny (1.45 TFT LCD) yet brightly colored display, and the ability to play a couple of super pixel-friendly games like Forbidden Treasures and Snake Xenzia (aka simply Snake – your favorite!)

WIth this device costing so little, it's almost as if the company wants to earn their money back with bulk rather than margins – but it's not as if they skimped on the quality of the device itself. Each of the things this device aims to be, it is. You've got a super tiny unit with a perfectly classic industrial design and the ability to make phone calls and texts. What more could the average mobile phone user want?

- Assuming they don't want a smartphone, of course.

The Nokia 105 uses a one-piece keymat that's both dust-proof and splash-proof – though you won't want to be dunking this device in to your cup any time soon as it's not exactly sealed for weathering otherwise. You've got a built-in FM radio for on-the-go tuning-in, Dual band EGSM 900/1800 connectivity, and a beastly 8MB ROM inside – unthinkable on a modern smartphone.

With this setup and the battery inside, you've got such a setup as to need only one charge every few weeks. Nokia quotes the Nokia 105 as able to withstand 12.5 hours of talk time or 35 days on standby – charge it and forget it! The whole device is 107 x 44.8 x 14.3 mm large, weighing in at 70 grams with its battery inside – and it's got a replaceable battery as well, mind you, so if you need to leave civilization for a few months, you can just bring a few extra packs along with you – no worries!

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BONUS: Nokia has created some wonderfully vibrant advertisements for their newest line of devices – here's the spot made for the Nokia 105. Get your dancing shoes out!