Nokia 105 creates new entry point at 15 EURO

With the Nokia 105 the company has introduced their new entry point – the least expensive device they're about to offer at just 15 EURO. This device has a lovely color screen – games – very basic games, that is – and a splash and dust-proof keypad. It's got a flashlight, "amazing" battery life, and a Nokia look. This device will take the most basic elements that make a Nokia device and make it inexpensive – extremely inexpensive.

The Nokia 105 is being shown as having been on for several weeks here at Mobile World Congress 2013, and they're making it clear that they're expecting this device to last for months. One charge, forget about it, charge again in weeks and weeks – no worries! This device comes in blue and black, and will be available extremely soon internationally.

Have a peek at the timeline below to see more information on the Nokia releases this week, and stick to our Mobile World Congress 2013 tag portal for more mobile action throughout the week coming up. This device is one of several Nokia releases that take a "Pure" Nokia experience and make it central to their smartphone release environment. Have a peek at the Nokia tag for more information as well – hands-on coming up quick!