No XPERIA X2 today say Sony Ericsson

Chris Davies - Jun 17, 2009

Oh crippling disappointment, how we loathe you.  According to Sony Ericsson’s Merran Wrigley, the imminent launch event in Singapore – which kicks off in around 30 minutes, at time of writing – is not, in fact, for the XPERIA X2’s triumphant reveal, but merely a regional recap to announce existing devices.

Those devices will include the Saito, the new brand for the Sony Ericsson Idou, together with the Aino and Yari devices announced at the same time in London.  The company will also bring out their GreenHeart range, currently consisting of the C901 GreenHeart and Naite.

As for the new smartphone, Merran says “We’ll have some news on the X2 later in the year, but tomorrow’s event is not it.”  That’s at least a roundabout suggestion that what we’ve been seeing so far is likely legitimate, but no comfort to anybody hoping for a launch in the next week or so.

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