No more invites, OnePlus One available to anyone, anytime

To mark the one year anniversary of OnePlus, the OnePlus One Android smartphone is finally available without one of those hard-to-get invites. Thankfully, the open market for the phone isn't just for 24 hours on Tuesdays, anymore. Anyone can buy the smartphone any day of the week, although it is still only shipping to limited countries. It is also a bit more expensive in Europe due to the falling value of the Euro.

OnePlus has turned the Android market on its head by offering the high-spec device, nicknamed the "flagship killer", at a low price. (The 16GB model is only $299 USD, while the 64GB version retails for $349 USD.) The Chinese mobile device manufacturer kept its product elusive by using an invite only system wherein only purchasers could invite new users, and so on down the line.

OnePlus has always maintained that its allegedly "razor-thin" profit margins are what necessitate its invitation-only program. The company isn't just dedicated to low prices, it has just launched its own OxygenOS based on Android's Lollipop system.

So, why is the company revamping its invite-only business strategy? It turns out that although the One will be available to everyone, the OnePlus 2, which is due for release next year, will follow the original game plan and be an invitation-only release. So, it looks like OnePlus is enjoying the word-of-mouth buzz and exclusivity that go hand-in-hand with its unique sales model.

Source: OnePlus