OnePlus pricing changes in Europe thanks to declining euro value

One of the many things that can hurt margins for companies in all markets is changing values of currency. This can hit electronics companies hard, especially those that operate on tight margins. Such is the case with OnePlus in Europe. The company says that in order to deliver the most value to customers, it has "razor-thin" margins.

If you follow the market, you might be aware that over the last few weeks the Euro has lost significant value dropping to one of the lowest euro to dollar exchange rates seen in a long time. The current value of a euro is 1.06 US dollar.

OnePlus says that the euro instability has led to no margins and it is selling phones at a loss in Europe at this time. To remedy that situation, OnePlus is having to increase European pricing on its smartphones. New pricing for the OnePlus One in Europe will be €299 for the 16GB silk white device and €349 for the 64GB Sandstone black device.

If you have been on the fence about buying a OnePlus One smartphone, you will want to grab one before March 25 when the pricing above goes into effect. You can buy the 16GB version for €269 and the 64GB version for €299 until that date. Accessories for the smartphones will remain at current price levels.