Nixie personal drone wins with Intel: coming your way soon

There's nothing impersonal about a little drone that attaches to your wrist then releases, flying, following you whenever you like. It's like having a personal assistant whose one purpose is watching everything you do. And streaming it. Capturing it for the whole world to see, followed by a return to your wrist to rest. We think it's an improbable device, but one that'd be amazing if realized – Intel thinks so too.

The Nixie team have just won a competition with Intel to create the next big wearable. This is the #MakeItWearable event, working with pitches from the teams who were part of the final rounds, and a big event this afternoon to celebrate the big winner. Nixie are celebrating themselves on Twitter at @FlyNixie as well – we'll be seeing those 700 followers explode over the next few weeks without a doubt.

Above you'll see the official Nixie-made wearable drone Make It Wearable entry video. It includes a chat with Christoph Kohstall – Inventor and Founder of Nixie. It also shows the basics – how far they are and where they're going.

You won't be able to buy a Nixie drone this year. You might not even be able to pick one up in 2015. This is just the beginning.

Right now we're seeing little more than a prototype. Rather rough, but certainly an attainable goal ready to take shape.

We'll be keeping you up to date on the release of this device into the wild when the time is ripe! Stay tuned!