Nintendo Wii U update coming next week

We knew an update to the Wii U would be coming at some point this month, but Nintendo has finally announced that we should be seeing the update land sometime next week. The update will fix slow load times that have plagued Wii U consoles lately, and it'll also bring background downloads as well as Virtual Console.

Ever since the console officially launched back in November, gamers have been complaining about glacially slow load times with games, and overall sluggish performance. However, Nintendo has promised that a major update would fix the problems, and hopefully it does, because if it doesn't, Nintendo will have so serious explaining to do.

Nintendo will also be adding background downloads to ease the inconvenience of downloading full retail games. The new system tweaks in the update will allow gamers to not only download games while they're in-game, but also when the console is turned off, which will no doubt put a smile on digital downloaders' faces.

As for the Wii U Virtual Console, that will be included with the major update next week, and it will allow you to play your favorite classic games from older consoles like the GameBoy Advance and Nintendo 64. These games will be playable on the Wii U gamepad. Such games include Kirby's Adventure, Super Mario World, Donkey King Jr., Punch Out!, and F-Zero.

[via The Next Web]