Nintendo Wii U update coming in April

Nintendo has heard its Wii U gamers loud and clear: the Wii U's loading times are pretty slow, but the company has announced that an update for the console will be arriving next month, but they just can't hold back their excitement for the update, so they have released a video showcasing the speed improvements of its new console.

The video shows off a side-by-comparison of two Wii U Gamepads. The one on the left is a Wii U without the new update, and the one of the right is a Wii U with the update installed. The video shows how quickly the console returns to the home screen after playing New Super Mario Bros. U. It takes about eight seconds with the updated Wii U, while the older Wii U takes over twice as long.

Of course, even with the new update applied, it's still a bit of a wait time to get back to the home screen, but it's certainly an improvement, and one that most Wii U gamers will be grateful to have. If you still aren't satisfied, however, Nintendo is expected to release a second update sometime later this year to decrease loading times when launching software.

The Wii U's sales have been rather low lately, being the lowest-selling console on the market right now, with Microsoft's Xbox 360 leading the way with its 26th straight month of being the highest-selling console. However, Nintendo isn't giving up on the Wii U just yet. The company said that they're serious about the new console, and have a bunch of plans lined up in the future.