Nintendo Wii in Red Heading to Japan to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Nintendo's Super Mario celebrated his 25th anniversary this year, and it wouldn't be a party without plenty of new toys to play with. Nintendo feels the same way, as the company has been on a roll ever since the official annivesary date, showing off new Super Mario-themed items. While the Super Mario collection was first, the Nintendo DSi LL and DSi were eye-catching in the fact that it brought the classy Super Mario Red to the mobile consoles. And now it looks like the Wii is getting the aesthetic makeover, too.

Nintendo has officially unveiled the brand new Super Mario Bros. Wii console, showcasing the bright red that Mario fans have grown to love over the years. The console will also come with a new Wii Remote Plus in the box, and a Nunchuk. You'll also get a game pre-installed on the console: a new, altered version of the old-school, orginal Super Mario Bros..

The new Mario console will be released on November 11th in Japan, and cost 20,000 yen ($243). And like the other anniversary products that have been showcased, there's no word on whether or not this new console will make it to the United States any time soon, or any other international market for that matter.

[via Siliconera]