Nintendo unleashes new Pokemon X and Y screens, art

It's safe to say that the announcement of Pokemon X and Y has Pokefans the world over excited. Not only are these the first Pokemon games made for the 3DS, but they also seem to be taking the series in an entirely new direction, ditching the sprites for cel-shaded visuals instead. Today, we're getting another glance into the world of Pokemon X and Y thanks to new screenshots and artwork from Nintendo.

Unfortunately, we're not finding out anything new from these images, as they only feature the three new starters and the two new legendaries. Specifically speaking, we're talking about fire starter Fennekin, grass starter Chespin, water starter Froakie, and legendaries Xerneas and Yveltal. We've known about these Pokemon since the game was announced last week, so in that respect, there isn't much new to see here.

However, these are technically first official screenshots and art work released by Nintendo, which definitely counts for something. The company also revealed the height and weight of the two legendary Pokemon, so for those who care, we have that information. Xerneas comes in at 6'10 and 474.0 lbs, while its counterpart towers over it at 19 feet tall. Despite the massive difference in height, Yveltal is actually lighter than Xerneas, weighing in at just 447.5 lbs.

The news of Pokemon X and Y certainly has fans buzzing, but sadly those fans have quite a wait ahead of them. The games won't be releasing until October 2013, so there are nine months left to wait before they arrive. The one good thing is that Nintendo will likely be releasing a whole slew of new details between now and then, so at least Pokemon fans have a lot to look forward to. Stay tuned.