Nintendo Switch OLED review round-up: Two key points

Today we're taking a peek at the first-wave reviews of the Nintendo Switch OLED. This is the first day that reviews of the product were allowed to go live – and we'll likely see a whole lot more in the coming weeks. For now, the verdict seems to be largely positive. The device doesn't seem that impressive an upgrade over the standard Switch when you compare spec-to-spec – but the real deal makes a difference.

As noted by Alex Donaldson at VG247, the Nintendo Switch OLED review process can be summed up in a single sentence: "It's the Switch you know and love, but the display is better. Way better." The folks at Digital Foundry suggest that the Nintendo Switch OLED has the "best display on any handheld games machine we've used."

At Engadget, reviewer K. Naudus suggests that the Switch OLED is "beautiful, but not a must-have." The GameSpot review suggests that the Switch OLED is a "marked improvement over the original and Switch Lite."

It would appear that a lot of the judgement on the worth of this piece of hardware rests largely on how much handheld mode gaming one does with the Switch. If you have a Nintendo Switch now and never, ever use it for handheld gaming, the Switch OLED wouldn't make any difference to you or your kids.

Above you'll see an IGN-made comparison video of the Nintendo Switch VS the Nintendo Switch OLED. You'll see how nearly-identical they are in performance, but how much better the larger (and brighter, and more intense) the display is on the OLED.

The new device has a significantly better display and a far, far better kickstand. If you're going mobile all the time, this might be worth the cash. If you've never owned a Nintendo Switch right now, our best advice is this: avoid the Nintendo Switch Lite, go with either the Switch or Switch OLED. Your decision will likely center on price – you're paying for a larger display and a better kickstand – that's it!