Nintendo Pedometer for 'Your Life Rhythm' DSi walking game

Nintendo's DSi and DSi Shop aren't the only new things coming for avid gamers; they're also looking to bring some Wii-style "get off your fat cheeks and do some exercise" action courtesy of the new DSi Pedometer.  Confirming the information gleaned from a trade document earlier this week, the Nintendo Pedometer will connect wirelessly with the DSi and be used initially with a new game title, "Your Life Rhythm".

"Your Life Rhythm" seems basically to record your progress walking, sort of like Brain Training but for your feet.  It looks as though the wireless connection isn't persistent, and as such data is transferred only when the Pedometer is held up to the DSi.  More of a record of your achievement than a new input device.

The Nintendo Pedometer will be bundled with "Your Life Rhythm" when it launches.  Price and availability are yet to be announced.