Nintendo NX handheld expected to launch in 2016

Adam Westlake - Jan 28, 2016, 10:37am CST
Nintendo NX handheld expected to launch in 2016

After many months of rumors and speculation about Nintendo‘s next video game system, codenamed NX, and its possible combination of both home console and portable hardware components, it is now expected that the handheld device will debut sometime this year, with official details to be revealed this summer. This news comes from the latest Wall Street Journal report, which sources an analyst from IHS Technology who mentions shipments of “flat-panel displays for game devices” for Nintendo.

The WSJ heard from the research company’s Hiroshi Hayase, who spoke recently in Tokyo at IHS’s display forum. The analyst wasn’t able to provide specifics on the size of the display used for Nintendo’s upcoming handheld, but did put it between 3.1 and 5 inches.

Hayase added that it’s expected Nintendo is using the display for a stand-alone, handheld gaming device, as opposed to something like the Wii U’s GamePad, which features a screen but requires the console to run games.

Nintendo declined to comment on the WSJ report, but has reiterated that it will share more details on the NX later this year. Many are expecting this reveal to take place at the E3 event in June.

This latest prediction about a new Nintendo handheld seeing release later this year in turn implies that there will be a traditional console component from the company later down the road, possibly with connectivity features with the portable.

SOURCE Wall Street Journal

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