Nintendo DSi XL in Midnight Blue Coming to the US on July 11th

Evan Selleck - Jun 9, 2010
Nintendo DSi XL in Midnight Blue Coming to the US on July 11th

We’re scratching our heads at this one. It’s only been a week since Nintendo announced that there would be new colors coming to the DSi XL line-up, and while that was all well and good, there wasn’t any announcement saying that the new shades would be seeing release anywhere else other than Japan. And then Nintendo sneaks this one in: Midnight Blue is coming to the States.

Everyone, including Nintendo, knows that the Nintendo DSi XL isn’t doing all that well. At least not here in the States. It was doing quite well for itself over in Japan, but once it hit store shelves locally, sales slumped. In an industry that’s getting smaller in most cases, adding 40% overall size to the mobile gaming platform may have not been the best bet. In any event, Nintendo wants to go ahead and freshen up the line-up, adding the Midnight Blue color to their current models available in stores.

The unit will be available starting on July 11th. It will cost you $189.99, and there’s absolutely nothing different about this model when compared to the others in the line-up. Other than the distinctive color, that is. So, are you going to go run out there and grab one for yourself, or are you going to wait for the Nintendo 3DS? It is “cool,” after all.

[via Engadget]

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